Somaliland of Siiraanyo seems to be entertaining these days, theatrical in nature and down-right clownish work shop, every political step it takes, sends shivers down my spine. Ever found yourself in a roundabout with no possibilities of exit?, well this is the scenario. The president of  mr siiraanyo opined yesterday in his ied addressing at the mosque that the new developments in Somalia will have no impact at all to Somalilands’ independence. We pray for our Somalia brothers to have strong and stable government, he added  we will tell the international community that Somaliland is a different case.


No impact, that phrase bolted out an irritating pulses to my intelligence, deep inside my mind  i knew even xaglo toosiye of yesterday is well aware the enter-twined and almost indistinguishable political history of Somalia and Somaliland. What happens in Somalia shapes the political landscape of Somaliland especially when  the war lords  are hell bent and united that existence of independent Somaliland is a mere eye-wash.

The strong Somalia  mr  siiraanyo prays for comes along with a constitution that places Somaliland under the 18 regions of whole Somalia as contented by the very constitution some ministers of siiranyo government congratulated in its inauguration.


When contradictions come into play, this government seems to got in buckets and surely lost what was the original cause it sought power from the people, or it treats us as bunch of retards who digest information in a slow motion, unread and loonies, even that chemical ali of sadams Iraq would have done better. What they succeeded in fact is familiarizing Somaliland with the tribal chiefs of the south by using it as a bargaining political chip to gain personal powers in Somalia, and when their plans got shattered under the wings of ravaging warlords it all blasted back into a comedy of prayers and the street dramas of we will tell the international community.


Xagle toosiye of ssc hoisted the Somaliland flag in buuhoodle due to the his fall-out with the khaatumo set-up in taleh, the troops at the border are on the move back into the out skirts of Buroa, peace is celebrated by all. Easy political calculations of the demented, no oops, the educated cabinet of siiraanyo government, the quality cabinet as he said. Even boqor buur madow hinted how a whole Somaliland tribes exploded with envy at the gallantry reception received by xaglo toosiye in defence of that loose minister of minerals and water.


Somaliland took a nose dive and i feel i m going down as well, my sheer stand of allegiance to the country is fading with patience of adan siiro with the government, those cracks of structure are visible everywhere, foe and friends to Somaliland appear to be look alike. But all is not bad, the good news is, the mayor of berbera and few of the circulars joined kulmiye party yesterday, the presidential palace is teeming up with the dancers of the new victor.


What a waste.


Jama Dhoofaa

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