Condolences from Somaliland Presidential Economic Advisor to PM Meles’s family, the Government and the people of Ethiopia.

With enormous grief and distress, the Somaliland Government and People, received the unfortunate and sudden death of H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. We convey our deep condolences to PM Meles’s family, the Government and the people of Ethiopia. 

As a leader of a friendly state, late Prime Minister Zenawi tirelessly built a solid relationship between our two governments, which successfully developed into a friendship between two nations. This relationship is strategically of immense value, not to us only, but to the entire region and in many aspects to the worldwide peace and stability. We, in Somaliland would always remember Ato Meles Zenawi as a friend that outshined the rest at the time of need.

We trust that, the strong health of Ethiopian democracy is capable to create a peaceful transition of power. That will empower the next leadership with necessary gear to take forward the vision of Late PM. With that in mind, we believe our brotherly relations will grow from strength to strength.

Finally and needless to say, we are with Ethiopia, government and people in mourning and we confide in, that H.E. PM Meles Zenawi’s bereaved family, as a symbol of strong nation, will find the strength and bravery to overcome with these trying and difficult times.



Mr. Ahmed Hassan Arwo

Somaliland Presidential Economic Advisor

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