Siilaanyo government is even going deeper in the muck By Jama Abdi Askar

It feels like that persistent drop of water right on your head in the Chinese torture practices when all that fluid of wasted toxic rains down on you. This time its faysal cali waraabe again having the smearing end of the stick from siiraanyo government and his moles, it is the battle of the poles. Faysal represents all that is splendid and politically pure about somalilanders though purity and politics are incompatible in modern Somaliland, the other side ,siiraanyo and enterprises denote the many twist and turns that cough up government of parallel state of being.


Why ucid became recently  the shoe-mat of ever marching cult like siiraanyo government supporters whose aggressiveness sometimes stand on par with insanity is anybody’s guess,  but the poignant truth is kulmiye and siiraanyo government operate under the assumption of annihilating the opposition parties is the finality of  another term of presidency in the roll. Not knowing that is outright destruction of counter-balancing, in other words existence of opposition parties preserve the inner mechanism of democracy. For god’s sake, in opposition we see through your imperfections.


Faysal  was used as a camouflage in the Somalia- Somaliland political engagement fiasco, not because faysal happens to be slow in the taking but the bloody faysal believes in Somaliland to the bones, could easily be hood-winked by the likes of the present leadership. Faysal’s ucid even got itself internally disarrayed when the creepy schemers of kulmiye  rose against it in revolution. Yet it survived, why, cause faysal is a mammoth of dignitary to Somaliland folks.


I was bit flabbergasted  to read someone using  vulgarities against faysal by his call of resignation of irro from his position in prior to the elections, the pick of words carried all the hallmarks of kulmiye supporters ,who regard critics as cancer, fundamentalist in their outlook of politique, wayward to the skin. They even called me a foreigner, non somalilander,  when in the grey days of carpet bombardment, i witnessed the mayhem and the abolishing of life.


Doesn’t matter though ,this governments’ campaign of elections carried a slogan of calling acting Somaliland president a faqash. Ucid and raining arrows surge a mystery of political direction from siiranyo government, or it could be the drop of that name Jamaal ali Hussein. Is he causing an earthquake to the loose footing the so called quality cabinet of siiraanyo put forth? Whatever it might be, this party is under attack.

If faysal calls the resignation then hell it will be, we will not be diverted by the fake parallel parties created to overwhelm the existing real opposition parties. We will neither ever-look the new political heavy weights who joined the theatre to transform the Somaliland of cukuse.


Somaliland will survive of this vacuum runners, we got the resilience it takes, destabilizing the matrix won’t be our trap, your shots on opposition parties is only fired in a circus of plastic soldiers. And to the supporters of this lame government, act civil to the lines of our heritage, you don’t need to charge blindly like the red Indians against automatic guns. Don’t despise all that is against siiraanyo, stand better Somaliland, stand against siiraanyo, stand against cult politics.

By Jama Abdi Askar

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